Overzicht Workshop

Workshop / Matters of Abstraction


This workshop aims to connect teachers and researchers investigating their own or their peers’ technical courses in Architecture programmes, by sharing experiences and knowledge in teaching. Following up the workshop Matters of Abstraction 2017, the goal for this workshop is to develop a set of journal papers on the presented topic and stimulate co-writing between the participants. To channel this (co-)writing, different oppositions are proposed to be addressed in the papers:

Identity Negotiations between Emancipation and Hegemony


Since 2008, the Workshop "Liberative Contextual Theologies" has been organized as a bi-annual event by the University of Vienna, Austria. It has brought together participants from across the German-speaking world, and more recently also from Middle and Eastern Europe. This year, the Workshop is hosted by the Centre for Liberation Theologies at the KU Leuven, and thus invites participants to come to a venue that has been highly influential for European, Latin-American, and African theologies.