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Current themes in theoretical and mathematical physics


De bedoeling van deze tweedaagse is het houden van een gezamenlijk congres van de Vlaamse mathematische en theoretische fysici.

Meeting met lezingen en discussies, met oa discussie over de organisatie van de theoretische fysica in Vlaanderen. De aard van de meeting is informeel en interactief.
Er worden lezingen gegeven waarbij zowel "gevestigde" wetenschappers als jongere en beginnende onderzoekers aan bod komen.

XIIth SCAR Biology Symposium


The main theme for the XIIth SCAR Biology Symposium is "Scale matters". From the small molecular scale, through population and large ecosystem scale, biological processes and diversity span all these levels. Understanding these processes as well past and present patterns of biodiversity are essential for understanding possible threats to Antarctic biology and their impact. With this Symposium we want to focus on understanding biological distribution and trends as well as adaptation and processes both in the marine and terrestrial realm including the human biology.

MAF 2017


The biannual MAF Conference, the first in 1989, is intended to reflect the enormous progress that has been made in fluorescence which is one of the most powerful spectroscopic methods. Topics covered include new developments in (lifetime) spectroscopy, imaging (including super-resolution microscopy), new fluorescent probes, and live-cell fluorescence imaging applications, but also in nanomaterials (including beads and thin films), optoelectronic components, in data acquisition and processing.